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May 13, 2015
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Artistic Lash Products

What makes Artistic Lash Products different?

Satin Mink Lash Collection

Deep black, Semi-gloss with no blue tinge

16 Lines per tray all individually labeled with curl, diameter and length making it easy to identify the different extensions when working off of your hand or pallet.  This feature makes lashing much easier!

Holds curl under extreme heat.  This has been tested with 150-degree water!

The taper begins closer to the bottom giving you an ultra lightweight extension.

The outer case is labeled 3 times to make storage a breeze. You can put away your label maker!

Each line of extensions is precision cut to give you true consistency with each style.

The B C and D curls are a bit softer then what you may experience with other suppliers.

Available styles in Satin Mink…B C D curl .10 | .15 diameter 8-14mm length

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Lash Temper Adhesive

Jet Black | Stays true to color

Low fume

Longest retention with fast grab

Thin consistency without wicking

Classic/Volume Application

Produced in the UK using the highest grade ingredients available

In the beginning stages of looking for a lash adhesive developer I found the UK to have the best formulations and highest standard of manufacturing.  The United Kingdoms strict standards on Cyanoacrylate adhesives made this an easy decision to seek out the best chemist to begin working with!

Lash Temper is not a mass produced product.  We have our adhesive produced, bottles and shipped to our office directly.  All batches are made in small quantities to ensure consistency and quality.  When you order Lash Temper you are guaranteed a fresh bottle that is no more then 90 days old as we only allow Temper to remain in our inventory for up to 90 days.  At that point a new batch is produced and shipped to us!

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If you have any questions please email Michell@ArtisticLash.com Im always happy to help!

I just got back from Korea and am excited for the launch of our new lash trays…coming July 2015!

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