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August 16, 2012
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October 16, 2012
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Eyelash Extensions training Questions-FAQ

We received an email recently from a lady in South Carolina who went to a local salon to get her eyelash extensions done.

She stated after a few hours she felt like they pulled and pinched.  Said they just did not feel comfortable.  Over the next few days she was itching and tugging at them to relieve the discomfort.  This caused some of them to fall off and also pulled out some of her natural lashes.  She contacted the salon and they gave her no advice just said she was probably allergic to the glue.

She contacted us to see if we could shed some light on the situation for her.

We replied-

Chances are your natural lashes got clumped together in the glue and the lash tech did NOT do a good job of separating the lashes.  When the extensions are not properly applied they cause a great deal of discomfort and lead to natural lashes being damaged.  We recommend her to have them professionally removed by another Lash Tech in her area.  We also asked her who did the extensions and she replied with her hair dresser and said she bought her lash kit at the trade show.  We asked if she had been certified to do lash extensions? she said “I don’t think so”.

It is imperative you find a Lash Artist who has been certified by a reputable company, uses high end products and also has current pictures to show you.  This will help narrow down your search when looking for a true Lash Artist.  Just because someone works in the beauty industry and has a license does not mean they are certified or trained to do eyelash extensions. Eyelash extension training is must for anyone looking to apply lash extensions.


Take a look at our FAQ http://ArtisticLash.com/faq

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